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Ammonium Sulphate Market

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Global Industry Analysisand Opportunity Assessment, 



This study offers a 10-year forecast for the Global, Far East and Baltic Nations Ammonium Sulphate market over 2015-2025. The global ammonium sulphate market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.0% in terms of value during the projected period. The study demonstrates market dynamics and trends across regions that are expected to influence the current status and future prospects of the ammonium sulphate market over the forecast period.


Rising demand of ammonium sulphate as a nitrogenous fertiliser for alkaline soils is pushing its market to grow. Growing demand of sulphur nutrient for various crop production is also helping the ammonium sulphate market growth. Increase in global caprolactam supply has led to high increase in ammonium sulphate supply. Besides, government regulations to remove SO2 from stack gases are helping the supply to grow further globally.

 ammonium sulphate

Low nitrogen content in ammonium sulphate and decreased profitability due to oversupply are major factors restraining growth of the ammonium sulphate market. Besides, rising costs of aromatics are shrinking caprolactam profit margins majorly in Europe, where caprolactam producers have decreased ammonium sulphate production since they find it more cost effective not to produce ammonium sulphate due to high transportation and logistics costs.



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