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The difference between Sodium Silicate and Sodium Metasilicate

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Sodium silicate

 commonly known as water glass, commodity name: paohuajian, molecular formula: Na2SiO3. Industrial sodium silicate is also different because of the sodium oxide and silicon dioxide in the ratio of different molecular properties. Molecular ratio of sodium oxide and silicon dioxide is known as the modulus, modulus at 3 below called the neutral water glass modulus, 3 above is called alkaline water glass. Its products usually have a solid water glass, water of hydration of glass and liquid water glass division.

Physical and chemical properties: liquid, solid and powder and other products. Common liquid, colorless transparent or light grey goo, physical properties vary with the modulus.

Liquid sodium silicate, is a colorless, with a color transparent or translucent viscous liquid.Solid sodium silicate is a colorless, with a color transparent or translucent glass block.

Physical properties and morphology

A colorless, pale yellow or gray transparent surface viscous liquid. Anhydrous is amorphous, blue or yellow green, for glass. Form into a liquid, solid, water quenching three.

Use is the basic raw material of white carbon black, silica gel, molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate and other chemical products. The binder, casting, building materials, electrode carton production. As detergent additives in soap or detergent.


the use of sodium silicate is very extensive, almost all sectors of the national economy. In the chemical system has been used in the production of silica gel, silica, zeolite, sodium metasilicate, silica sol, silicon and instant powdered sodium silicate, potassium sodium silicate, silicate products, is the basic raw material of silicon compounds. In developed countries, deep processing series of products with sodium silicate as raw materials has grown to more than 50, some have been using Yu Gao, fine, sharp technology; in the light industry is an indispensable part of washing powder, soap, detergent raw materials, is also a water softener, settling agent; in the textile industry for dyeing, bleaching and sizing; casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives are widely used in machinery industry; in the construction industry for the manufacture of quick drying cement, acid resistant cement waterproof oil, soil stabilizer, refractory materials; manufacturing silicon fertilizer in agriculture; also used as oil catalytic cracking silica alumina catalyst, soap packing the adhesive, corrugated paper, metal preservatives, water softener, detergent additives, refractory materials and ceramic raw materials, textiles, dyeing and bleaching of pulp, mining beneficiation, waterproof plugging, fire, wood, food preservation and preparation of adhesive, silica gel, silica sol, silica molecular sieve, etc........

Sodium metasilicate
Sodium metasilicate refers to the modulus of 1 crystalline sodium silicate. The liquid paohuajian and liquid reaction, into crystalline sodium silicate by changing certain processing condition, the molecular crystal structure for the arrangement of needle.



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