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The Effect of Manganese Fertilizer

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The main manganese fertilizer is Manganese sulphate, and it is an essential fertilizer for plants. It is absorbed by plants in Mn2+.Mn have small mobility in plants, but better than Ca, B and Cu. Mn control the oxidation-reduction reaction in the plants, and it is also the activator of enzyme and take part in the water photolysis of photosynthesis, Mn is also the component of chloroplast.

Manganese sulphate (1)

* The effectiveness in soil are mainly effected by the PH of the soil and carbonate content,

* It is easy to be lack of Mn when the soil PH or carbonate salt are high. Applying with Mn fertilizer will increase the yield in Mn lack soil: Wheat: 6.3%-30.8%, Corn: 5.4%-15.7%, Cotton: 10%-20% Peanut: 5.4%-33.2%, Soybean: 10.9%-11.4%, Beet: 5.9%-21.5%, Tobacco: around 15%. Mn fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer, and water soluble manganese can be also used for seed dressing and foliar spray 

Manganese sulphate (2)



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