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Which fertilizers cannot be used on vegetables?

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Some fertilizers can help improve vegetables quality and yield, while others may cause vegetables to be polluted and people may be poisoned. 

Ammonium Nitrate and other Nitrate Nitrogen Fertilizers should not be used on vegetables because they will increase nitrate content of vegetables. When nitrate content enters the body, it will turn to nitrite content, which is kind of extremely toxic matter and very harmful. 


Ammonium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and other Chloride fertilizers should not be used on tomato and potato because after chloride fertilizer decomposing in soil, Ammonium and potassium will be absorbed by soil or vegetables. When it comes to a certain level, vegetables will be poisoned and even dead. 


Nitrogen fertilizers should not be sprayed on vegetable leaves. Because when ammonium is exposed to air, it easily turns to acid ion and absorbed by leaves. Additional, leaf vegetables have short growth period and easily absorb nitrate content. 

Micro element fertilizers can improv evegetable yield but vegetable has few demand for micro elements. Excessive useof micro element fertilizer will be a waste and also poison vegetable andpollute the environment. Ferrous sulphate dosage per 79 square yards no morethan 3.25kg. Manganese Sulphate and Manganese Sulphate dosage per 79 squareyards no more than 2.05kg. Copper Sulphate dosage per 79 square yards no morethan 2kg. Borax and Bron per 79 square yards no more than 1.25kg.  



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