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Methods of Potassium Fertilizer Application

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There are several issues to consider regarding fertilizer application including:

1Timing and Frequency

The most appropriate rate and timing of potassium application depends on both the soil type to which it is being applied, and the potassium requirement of the crop or pasture.

In most annual crops it is usual to apply the crop potassium requirements at or before planting.  However, where soils have very limited capacity to retain potassium from leaching (for example a sandy soil with a low cation exchange capacity) it may be preferable to make two or three applications of potassium fertilizers.  On the other hand, soils which contain a lot of potassium fixing minerals may also require several applications to reduce the time of contact between the added potassium and the soil minerals.

The objective of potash fertiliser application is to ensure adequate potassium is available during periods of peak potassium demand by the crop.  In pastures, potassium is applied prior to the growing season in early spring, autumn or both. 



Decisions regarding placement of potassium fertilizer should be based on:

1. The pattern of plant potassium requirement

For those crops which require potassium early in the growing season, like maize, fertilizer should be placed in the soil where it will be readily accessible to seedling roots.

2. Prevention of salt injury to seed

Too much potassium fertilizer placed too close to the seed can reduce germination or injure new roots because of high salt concentrations.

3. Available labour, equipment and timing of other farming operations

Ideal fertilizer placement may not be possible because of a need to perform operations within a given time frame, or because suitable equipment is not available.


3Safe Rates with Seed

When placed with, or in close proximity to seed at planting, fertilizer can delay or prevent germination and establishment.  This is due to the osmotic effect of the fertilizer salt.

Because of its relatively high salt index, seed damage is more likely to occur with applications of MOP, than with SOP. This will limit the amount of potassium fertilizer which can be placed with the seed at planting.

So apply Potassium Fertilizer need to consider more details.


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