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Micro-element Fertilizers Application

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Micro-element fertilizer application is necessary to take into account the needs of the crop and soil conditions, but also the impact of climate, farming systems and other factors need to be considered. Micro-element fertilizer dosage range is narrow, too little can’t reach the desired results, on the contrary it will cause crop poisoning. Therefore, applying fertilizer need to moderate, timely and well-distributed.


 Boron Fertilizer


Boron has great effect in plant growth process for sugar transport, nucleic acid and protein synthesis, photosynthesis, pollen germination, fertilization and making fruits.

Boron mainly use for Wheat, rice, rape, cotton, peanuts, beans, corn, vegetables and fruit category. Since boron is toxic to seeds, so it should not be used as a seed dressing and seed soaking.

Zinc Fertilizer


Such as Zinc Sulphate hepta. ,that mainly use for wheat, rice, cotton, corn, vegetables and fruit category. Zinc is an essential micro-element to human and plants, and the content is very low in the soil.

Zinc fertilizer could be used for base fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, topdressingseed dressing and so on.

 Iron Fertilizer


Iron is one of the most abundant element on earth, but it is difficult to move in the soil and plants. Some plants like peanuts, beans, spinach, tomatoes, apple trees are sensitive to it. Usually the fruit trees are lack of iron. Iron fertilizer mainly includes inorganic and chelated iron fertilizer. Crops mainly absorb divalent iron, due to contact with the air, it is easy oxidized to ferric iron, the effect is not obvious. Iron Fertilizer has a good effect on treating the chlorosis of the fruit trees, chelated iron fertilizer using for spraying, has better effect , but the cost is higher.

Manganese Fertilizer

Manganese sulphate (3)

Manganese Sulphate fertilizer mainly use for wheat, rice, cotton, peanut and fruit trees.

It could be used as base fertilizer, seed dressing, seed soaking and foliar fertilizer.


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