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Ammonium Sulphate Application

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1 As excellent Nitrogen Fertilizer, Ammonium Sulphate is normally used on soil and crops to promote growth of branches and leaves improve fruit quality and quantity and also help crops to resist natural disaster.

2As raw material, Ammonium Sulphate can be used to produce Ammonium Chloride, Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate and Refractory Materials. Meanwhile, for enhancing electrical conductivity of electroplate liquid, adding Ammonium Sulphate will be a good idea.

3Ammonium Sulphate is also used as dying agent for textile, dust remover for leather, and also can be used on beer brewing, chemical reagent and battery production.

4Last but not least, another important function of Ammonium Sulphate is used on mining rare earth. Every 5 Metric Ton Ammonium Sulphate can help mining 1 Metric Ton rare earth.


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