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Effect of micronutrients on crops

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Effect of micronutrients on crops

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Increase crop yield

Some fields are soil degradation and the increasing range is very limited due to a large number of elements such as long-term excessive use of NPK fertilizers.

Targeted micronutrient fertilizer application, is effective technical measures to improve the medium and low production yield, is also an important means of maintaining high continuous yield. Through the provision of micronutrient fertilizer, meet the crops need to various nutrient elements, make the crops normal growth and development, to obtain the ideal output and efficiency.

Improve crop quality

trace element fertilizer application, which greatly improved the crop balance of inorganic nutrient , not only improve the crop yield greatly, and improve the quality of agricultural greatly , effectively reducing the content of nitrite in agricultural products, Some local elements caused by disease can also be prevent and treat effectively. Scientific application of fertilizers, not only to meet the need of nutrients in crops, keep normal development, fully mature, improve the quality of agricultural products, but also reduce the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of surplus, to avoid the waste of fertilizer, reduce the pollution of the soil.

Improve fertilizer utilization

According to the law of minimum nutrient, supplement of trace elements in fertilizers, to balance of proportion among micronutrients, have a good role in promoting the crops to absorb nutrients, and no longer one-sided single application of a certain element fertilizer, resulting in a waste.


Reduce crop diseases and insect pests

due to the application of trace element fertilizer, so that various elements required by crops and get a reasonable balance of supply, which will greatly enhance the crop resistance, cold, anti high temperature, anti drought ability, crops due to lack of pigment caused by the disease does not exist, so that crops can grow up healthily. After the crop boron application, it can promote the sugar in the normal operation of the body and resistance to strengthen, boron sugar complex is strong acid complexes and the cell liquid reaction partial acid and not conducive to the growth of the pathogen.

Reduce the pollution of the environment

Increase the application of trace element fertilizer, can make the crops absorb various nutrients according to the require proportion, effectively improve the fertilizer utilization ratio, reduce the environmental pollution caused by fertilizer loss, play a positive role to protect the environment

To improve the efficiency of the economy

Due to the amount of trace elements is very "micro", with a small cost in exchange for greater economic benefits, input and output ratio up to 1: 50-1: 100, or even higher, and high fertilizer input and output ratio is 1: 5: 10, or even lower.

In recent years, people's demands for agricultural products transform from quantity to quality gradually. Therefore, rational application of fertilizer can not only improve the yield but also very obvious for improve agricultural products quality, and can effectively increase crop resistance to disease, low temperature, high temperature and drought.

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