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MKP Widely used to efficiency increasing production

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MKP  widely used to efficiency increasing production

Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP) is a kind of compound fertilizer without phosphorus potassium chloride, high nutrient content, it has the good physical and chemical stability, it is the lowest salt index of chemical fertilizers, the crop safety, and will not burn leaves and roots, it also can be used for foliar fertilization and nutrient solution of soilless culture.


MKP is usually spraying in the in middle and later periods of the crop growth, quickly replenish crops needs of Phosphate and Potassium, has obvious increase crop grain weight, improve quality, increase production, promote the early maturity, increase the disease-resistant ability, also resistant the dry-hot wind. From emergence to flowering period,the corps consume nearly 70% nitrogen, phosphate, potash, from the flowering to maturity period, corps consumption nearly 70% nitrogen, phosphate, potash . This period of crop root aging, reduced ability to absorb nutrients from the soil, using MKP can complement quickly under phosphorus, promote stage grouting, drum grain crop nutrient rapid transformation, increase obviously, economic benefit is significant. Relevant data show that using MKP increase rate of over 10%.


In addition, MKP in industry can be used as a buffer, cultivate agent; it Is also used as a bacterial culture agent clear synthetic sprinkle seasoning, potassium metaphosphate of raw material, the cultivation of the agent, enhancer, brewing yeast leavening agent, fermentation agent.


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