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Nitrogen Fertilizer:Deals Decreased,Price Declined

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Since the buyers are hesitating, the price of urea continued to decline. There is almost no active market, the lower prices did not attract buyers, but make buyer more hesitating.

Last week, the spot price of urea in US Port of New Orleans has dropped FOB $ 200 / short ton or less, the lowest prices since December 2008. Futures market situation also does not improve, prices are FOB $ 200 (ton price, the same below). But it is certain that the spot price will continue to decline.

In this volatile market, changes in the price range is very large. Arabian Gulf granular urea FOB price of $ ~$ 198, while the spot FOB price is $ 215 to $218. Last Thursday Egypt bid urea FOB is $ 243, $ 7-9 declined than before.

Suppliers are more concerned with the production capacity. Egypt increased yield, the amount of goods supplied to Algeria are raised from the Middle East, and has been a threat to the market demand in southern Europe. Overall, prices declined 10% to 12% in December last year, which is a great influence on Chinese manufacturers, and Chinese manufacturers have not responded on this. According to reports, two gas-based urea production lines closed last week. But the coal production lines are still in production. 2016 will be a difficult stage for China's manufacturers

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