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How to correctly identify the water-soluble fertilizer

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Water-soluble fertilizers are a large number of elements can be completely water-solublemulti-compound fertilizer, it is more easily absorbed by crops, and absorption and utilization is relatively high, more critical is the ability to fertilization and irrigation (drip irrigation) together simultaneously, it is often said that the integration of water and fertilizer, so reducing the amount of labor, and therefore welcomed by users, it is now widely used in vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, landscaping and golf courses. For this reason, water-soluble fertilizer market shoddy, inferior superior charge difficult to put an end to the phenomenon. Therefore, the purchase should pay attention to the following eight see:

1. look at the content of the bags large number of elements and trace nutrients.

2. look at a variety of specific nutrients on the bag label.

3. look at the product formulation and registration of crops.

4. to see whether the product standard, generic names and fertilizer products registration number.

5. to see whether the anti-counterfeit labels.

6. to see whether the heavy metal content labeling on bags.

7. to see dissolved.

8. look at the appearance.

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