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Development of water soluble fertilizer in China

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Water soluble fertilizer was developed in China in recent years, a new type of fertilizers can be completely soluble in water. It is will industrial level of phosphate II ammonium, and urea, and potassium chloride, compared easy dissolved Yu water of fertilizer, by must ratio for Science ratio, and added boron, and iron, and zinc, and copper, and Mo and river collection State trace elements, after new of production process combination and into of a can completely dissolved Yu water of fertilizer, through to buried of infiltration irrigation or drip irrigation to completed fertilization.

Water soluble fertilizer industry from 2007 began mass development, currently national has has more than 200 more than fertilizer production enterprise in Ministry of agriculture record production water dissolved fertilizer, registration of various water dissolved fertilizer products reached more than 3,000 multiple, main has large elements water dissolved fertilizer, and trace elements water dissolved fertilizer, and in the volume elements water dissolved fertilizer, and containing amino acids water dissolved fertilizer, and containing rot plant acid water dissolved fertilizer, several. Last year, the national production of 400,000 ~60 million tons of Water soluble fertilizer, yield substantial growth over the previous year to 50%.

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