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Solubility of metallic-salt in acid nutrients in acid fertilizer solutions of urea phosphate, urea sulfate and urea nitrate

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Solubilities of individual metallic-salt micronutrients were determined at 0?C in saturated acid fertilizer solutions of urea phosphate, urea sulfate, and urea nitrate. By using the acid pH mechanism, less expensive metallic salts can be used with drip irrigation applications to supply specific micronutrient needs to crops.

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Solubility of the sulfates of Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn varied with each acid solution. Solubility of the above sources in the urea sulfate solutions also varied with the amount of sulfate in solution. The solubility of molybdenum decreased with the acidic conditions of the urea nitrate acid solution but appeared to increase for the urea phosphate and urea sulfate acid solutions. Boron was only slightly soluble in all the acid solutions.


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