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What is the Ammonium Sulphate?

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 Ammonium sulphate is a kind of excellent nitrogen (commonly known as ammonium sulphate), suitable for general soil and crop, can make the branches and leaves growth, improve fruit quality and yield, enhance crops on disaster resistance ability, as a basic fertilizer, fertilizer and seed manure, but the long-term use can lead to soil harden. Has double decomposition reaction with salt to produce ammonium chloride and ammonium aluminum sulfate effect generated alum, manufacturing refractory materials with boric acid and so on. Join the plating solution can increase the conductivity. Food caramel catalyst, in the production of yeast cultivation nitrogen source of yeast, to dye and acid dyes leather dust remover. In addition, also used in beer brewing, chemical reagent and battery production, etc. Another important role is to mine rare earths, extraction with ammonium sulfate as raw material, adopts the ion exchange form of rare earth elements in the ore exchange, simple to collect leaching liquid filtration separation after dried into rare earth ore, per 1 ton of rare earth ore mining production need about 5 tons of ammonium sulfate.

  Biological use are many, many process used for protein purification, because ammonium sulphate belongs to an inert material, not easy to react with other biological active substances, in the purification process can protect protein activity to a great extent, on the other hand, soluble ammonium sulfate is wonderful, can form high salt environment, for protein precipitation to prepare high salt and purification of follow-up. The solubility of ammonium sulfate in zero and normal temperature 25 degrees have bigger difference, the following is ammonium sulfate in two different saturation temperature molarity.

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