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How to identify the ammonium sulphate?

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(1) see the shapes. Crystallization of ammonium sulphate small particles.
(2) see the colors. Excellence of ammonium sulfate is white, grade and qualified for ammonium sulfate can be white, grey, green, blue, red, and other colors.
(3) an odor. Some smell of ammonium sulfate or ammonium sulfate does not have any smell.
(4) observe dissolved. Use glass or porcelain bowl and adding water to it, and then eat a spoon to take a small amount of ammonium sulfate, joined in the clean chopsticks for stirring or shaking, ammonium sulfate can be completely dissolved in water can be found.
(5) measure the pH. Wide pH test strip insert (4) solution, the strips slightly red.

(6) to observe the burning iron tablets. After the hot iron plates, small amounts of ammonium sulfate on the chip, fertilizer can be discovered gradually melts, jumping fertilizer granules in a sledge, and emit white smoke and Gill nose smell of ammonia and melt away after it left a residue on the sizzling Ember, but combustion occurs.

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