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DAP fertilizer basic end domestic orders delivery, will turn to export

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  End of the basic supply situation: 

DAP domestic orders delivery, there are still a small amount of shipment. Raw materials market as a whole, including sulfuric acid price rebound slightly, sulfuric acid market continue upward, trading atmosphere is acceptable; Phosphate ore market as a whole, clinch a deal the previous increase. DAP starts at about 57%, rose by 1.22%.


 around spring fertilization were launched, in addition to the northeast market, domestic demand as a whole to shrink, DAP market has entered the sales season. Company sales centre of gravity is focused on export markets, export orders are in talks, temporarily not determine price.

    International market: 

last week the DAP market downturn, the price is slightly lower. Among them, the port of Tampa fob $461 to $471 / ton, compared with the previous, lower down $15 / tons, high-end/drop $25 tons; Tunisia fob $536 to $546 / ton, Morocco fob $506 to $536 / ton, the Baltic fob/black for $471 - $495 / ton, steady; Fob China $441 to $451 / ton, lower end flat, high-end rose $25 per ton.

    Domestic market: 

 according to the association, according to the monitoring data of monitored last week 17 provinces overall price stabilization, among them, hebei, liaoning, the two provinces prices rose slightly, to rise 0.10%, 3.57% respectively; Jilin, shandong, gansu provinces three price respectively a slight decline, decline of 0.59%, 0.83% and 1.01% respectively, the rest of the provinces prices remain unchanged.

  In addition to the northeast and use fertilizer demand, domestic market demand gradually into the off-season. Exports, is less than half a month from off-season export window, Indian buyers demand a serious, export enterprises in succession in the collection, the export prices are still in the details, there is no final pricing, dynamic late need to pay close attention to the international market. In the short term, with support from the cost factor, diammonium phosphate market downward space is not large, or stay low steady state as a whole.


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