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Urea prices overall stability and local rose slightly

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  Urea prices stable international market as a whole, the domestic regional rose slightly. Shandong factory raised the price again, this time with higher areas in henan, anhui and other places, but overall rally is weak, there is no strong positive, the price may find it hard for a long time. Hebei region enterprises new single clinch a deal the slowdown, the downstream market demand continues to insipid, prices rose underpowered, mainstream prices stable for the time being. Systems and serious drought, crops, coupled with high temperature and high humidity weather makes fertilizer storage, the downstream market for fat enthusiasm is not high, poor factory shipment, high-end prices continue to fall. Most dealers concern right now is more, remained wait-and-see attitude. In the context of the current overall situation, first of all, the domestic market of agricultural and industrial purchases are not ideal, and agricultural light delay, factory storage capacity is insufficient, need not flourishing; Second, our suppliers and traders in the clinch a deal the price fought over, into a stalemate, slowing export volume; Again, the market confidence, batch purchasing dilution demand downstream. Late so, lack of rigid support, the overall price of urea or will give priority to with stable, local small shocks.

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